Alexis-Joy is an emerging Melbourne based writer and poet. She explores trauma, child abuse, addiction, sex work, suicide, mental health, domestic violence, homelessness, incarceration, bisexuality, relationships, sacrifice, repressed memories and recovery.

She transforms unbearable pain into artistic production with a mind that sharpens words like weapons.

A survivor of CSA, CEN, a runaway age fourteen, a victim of severe domestic violence, she has spent time in custody, serving time in prison, lived in brothels, toured Australia performing as a Showgirl, gone to war on the front line against her very own self desperately headed for destruction, been consumed by a class A narcotic addiction she never intended on giving up; despite all the adversity she has faced, she is filled with compassion, overflowing with hope. And knows what it means to truly carry on.

She is of Indigenous descent, of the Yamatji peoples of South West Australia, acknowledging her ancestors as the true, traditional owners of this land.